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dear sir,
         we are in serious need of financial support
from individual and also gov agencies.our home needs
urgent assistance to meet the increasing needs of
orphans in our home.please we need your financial
support to enable us provide the childrens needs.God
bless you.
          Rev. father

Dear Reverend Father Ukauwa Ugochukwu,

Salutations! I am very interested in supporting your home for motherless babies. I think those little bastards deserve the best care that all of my privileged Western dollars can buy. Let me know how much money to send and where to send it. But first may I please request a photograph of some sad little orphans? It would really set off the oak desk in my study. Thank you.

Yours in benevolence,
Matt Armstrong

dear matt,
 God bless you as you declear interest in supporting
mother catherine motherless babies home.
  you can send the money through western union money
transfer to Rev.ukauwa ugochukwu.there is no specific
amount to donate ,it what comes from your heart. for
the pictures  and projects we send them only to those
that are already supporting our we shall send
them to you after your name is included in our donor
list.God bless you.
        Rev.father ukauwa ugochukwu

Dearest Rev. Father Ukauwa Ugochukwu,

Aloha! My heart is full of blood for those little bastards. I want to give and give and give until I am made to vomit at the sight of my own generosity! But, as it happens I'm just a little bit nervous about sending money to you without proof that you have the motherless babies in your possession. Could you just send me one picture to salivate over? It could mean thousands of dollars for your humble orphanage. Write me back, yo!



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